Rotherham – A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

As a committed Rotherham Pioneer, We would like to invite you to join us for a very special “Night To Remember” on June 2nd 2018. Many of us of a certain age will have enjoyed the nightlife that Rotherham offered and prospered on during the 1980’s. Who remembers pubs such as Feoffees, Maginty’s, Charter Arms, Cadillacs [...]

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Rainforest commit to Rotherham Pioneers

Rainforest are delighted to have become a Rotherham Pioneer. The scheme for businesses throughout the area is designed to promote the borough of Rotherham as a place to live and work, particularly to those that may not have considered the area as their base. 70% Urban Space and home to The Advanced manufacturing Park, Rotherham [...]

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new website live

Those long standing customers of rainforest will know the history and how it became a standalone company almost 6 years ago. Having previously been part of another company, rainforest had already begun to establish it's reputation and product offering. So when we began following a "management buy out" in January of 2011, high up on [...]

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